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since 2021

We are innovators.
We are creators.

We are OPTOG! Media.

Innovative and strategic web and digital experience creators.

We are a multi-faceted web and digital design agency focused on critical and disruptive thinking. We pride ourselves in being client-centred and ever-evolving, committed to staying ahead of the curve in terms of web-based services, marketing and design trends, while offering a personal and transparent approach to our professional relationship with our valued clients. Our operations are conducted in collaboration and with unwavering support from Atterbury Trust, and we are committed to reflecting their values in every aspect of our business.

A history of solving

History 1.1


The origins of OPTOG!: Expanding South African arts beyond urban centres.

Dorpstraat, Stellenbosch, 2018. A casual chat over a cup of coffee between the beloved South African artist, Nataniël and renowned virtuoso Matthys Maree, both stalwarts in the South African theatre industry and media landscape. Their conversation meandered towards a crucial topic: the need to extend the reach of the arts beyond the confines of big city networks and major festivals in South Africa.
Until that point, the industry had predominantly revolved around these urban hubs, leaving the vast expanse of the South African platteland with limited access to the plethora of outstanding productions available. This raised a compelling question: How could the arts be brought back to the people? This inquiry would become the driving force behind the original OPTOG! initiative.



The vision: Expanding Impact, Creating a National Arts Network.

Atterbury Theatre at that time had been grappling with a sense of limitation. Despite consistently staging sold-out productions, they felt they had reached a ceiling in terms of local impact. The idea of creating a sister theatre in the Western Cape emerged as a solution, leveraging the experience they had accumulated over the years. The subsequent focus shifted towards establishing a national arts network that would weave through smaller rural towns and communities, thereby reconnecting them with the broader arts landscape. The ultimate goal was to bring big ticket productions directly to the people of South Africa, revitalizing the cultural tapestry of the nation.
The Afrikaans arts do not receive government subsidies and, recognizing the imperative for expansion, an initiative was undertaken to create a platform through which culture and arts could be disseminated to those who would cherish it the most. Simultaneously, the endeavour aimed to provide South African artists with a consistent stream of shows and productions.

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OPTOG!’s Debut: A Successful Venture into Afrikaans Arts
Across South Africa

Nataniël, known for his dynamic and generous personality, swiftly and wholeheartedly threw his gravitas and support behind the project and OPTOG! embarked on its inaugural year on the road with the rallying cry: “ons bring die kuns!” (we bring the arts). Despite the inevitable trials and errors that accompany initiatives of this magnitude, OPTOG! had a very successful first year of national productions, presenting a remarkable number of shows in various communities.
Valuable lessons were learned, and the collective experience had the production team and artists excited to launch into a reenergised second year of road shows. The foundation laid in the initial year set the stage for an even more impactful and widespread year on the road, reinforcing the commitment to bringing the cultural richness of the Afrikaans arts to South Africans across the nation.


Adapting to Challenges: OPTOG! and Atterbury Theatre’s Resilience Amidst the Pandemic.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, bringing an extremely abrupt halt to a dream that had just started gaining momentum. However, the OPTOG!-team, known for their resilience, did not allow this setback to thwart their ambitions. In the midst of the first state-of-the-nation address and discussions about a nationwide lockdown, OPTOG! and the Atterbury theatre team proactively gathered equipment and conducted research on hosting online concerts.
Anticipating that entertainment would be sorely missed during this challenging time, the Atterbury Theatre team took decisive action. They sat down, recorded, and scheduled four productions to be hosted online during the initial phase of the national lockdown. Recognizing the potential impact, partnerships were forged with various South African artists, resulting in the creation of The Atterbury Theatre E-concert series. This initiative turned out to be a resounding success, not only benefiting the industry and the artists involved but also supporting the Atterbury Theatre in keeping its doors open when live productions were not allowed.

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OPTOG!’s Debut: A Successful Venture into Afrikaans Arts
Across South Africa.

An integral aspect of the entertainment industry lies in the relationship between the artist and their audience, and the theatre takes pride in serving as the conduit for fostering this connection. Throughout the periods preceding, during, and for a considerable time after the lockdown, it was the individuals behind the scenes at the Atterbury Theatre and within the inner workings of OPTOG! who were to thank for keeping the arts alive in our region.
Owing to an array of varying skills, disciplines and personalities, combined with a kanniedood attitude and a will to keep the music playing, the team went from strength to strength. During these trying times, the collective expertise, knowledge, and innovative ideas of the team members were brought to the table and new avenues for expansion were discussed. OPTOG! not only established an online presence through hosting e-concerts but also ventured into the creation of a new online ticketing platform, now known as SeatMe. The platform, which originated in the Atterbury Theatre’s foyer, has since transcended its initial scope and evolved into a nationwide ticket-selling service for various events.


OPTOG! Media

Consequently, OPTOG! Media was formed in 2021, as a collective of resilient creatives, movers and shakers and all-around good people, as we realised that, with our combined expertise and our approach to problem-solving, we could help other businesses achieve the same.
Since then, we have partnered with an array of amazing clients, both locally and internationally, with OPTOG! headquarters in both Pretoria and Windhoek, Namibia. Each day brings fresh challenges, and we embrace them with open arms, engaging in conceptualization, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving. We pride ourselves in cultivating personal relationships with each of our valued clients and will always take the time to have a chat over a cup of coffee, which, as illustrated in the story above, could prove to be a catalyst for reaching unexpected new heights. We are committed to not only meeting but surpassing the expectations of our clients through thoughtful collaboration and a dedication to shared success.

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As a team we pride ourselves in our relentless persistence to the cultivation of client relationships and will always seek to add value when and wherever we can. We see each new challenge as an opportunity to learn something new and to better our skills and our understanding of the industry. We strive to evolve with the world around us, while keeping a firm grip of the core values around which we were formed.
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We are relentless in our pursuit of perfection, consistently striving for perfection in our work. Recognizing the immense value we can add to our clients, we settle for nothing short of the best. We see problems as an opportunity for growth and an avenue for learning new skills and understanding our industry better.

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Client-centered, user focused

We believe in building strong partnerships with our clients, understanding their needs, and aligning our services and efforts to exceed their expectations. From the initial consultation to the final delivery, our team is dedicated to putting the client first, ensuring their vision is realized with precision and excellence. We prioritize user experience in all our designs, meticulously crafting experiences that are intuitive, engaging, and seamlessly functional.

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We are committed to maintaining transparency in every aspect of our operations, from the intricacies of our structures and processes to our straightforward pricing model. Our goal is to keep clients informed and engaged throughout every stage of their project, fostering a sense of collaboration and trust. We value transparency as a commitment to building strong and open relationships with our clients, ensuring they have a clear understanding of the value we bring and the processes involved.

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Innovation and adaptability

We embrace creativity in every aspect and thrive to stay at the forefront of cutting-edge digital and design trends, priding ourselves in staying ahead of the curve and up-to-date with new and current developments in our industry. As a young, but seasoned team of creatives, we realise that in our industry, it’s adapt or die and consequently we meticulously concentrate our efforts on evolving with the industry.

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We are insanely passionate about our work and our industry, realising the potential that our clients bring to the table and more often than not, making their dream our dream as well.

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